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Corporate Tax Planning
Proactive advice in getting the most out of your company.

Businesses face the increasing pressure of ever more rules and regulations, with business tax complexities often consuming a large amount of management time and effort.

Hilton Consulting will help you incorporate tax efficiency into your business planning and decision-making to put you in control of tax costs and generate long term savings.

When the tax issues seem complex you will find our business tax advice and solutions relevant, practical and cost-effi cient.

Personal Tax Planning

Creative strategies for wealth accumulation.

Managing your finances efficiently involves more than simply completing your personal tax return on time.

No matter how complex your personal tax situation may be, we will help you understand the issues and explain your options.

We have the experience and expertise to help you make the most of your wealth.

Tax Investigations and Enquiries
Guidance and support to take off the pressure and give peace of mind.

It is almost inevitable that at some point a client will have some direct dealings with the fiscal authorities.

In many circumstances this may be a standard compliance visit, in others clients will be the subject of tax enquiries.

If this happens it is vital that your accountant is present to offer a guiding hand and an expert advice.

Hilton Consulting also offers all clients its professional fees' insurance which helps protect against the professional costs of dealing with an enquiry.