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Hilton Consulting | 119 The Hub | 300 Kensal Road | T 020 8969 6956 | F 020 8969 6958 | www.hiltonconsulting.co.uk | City Office | 2 Bath Place | Rivington Street | London EC2A 3DR

We are Hilton Consulting. Chartered Accountants, tax consultants and business advisors.

We treat every client as if they are our only client.

Whether you are an individual, a start-up or a mature business, whether your personal affairs are simple or complex, we can help.

If you are happy with your existing accountant, please keep us in mind for the future. Just let us have your email address and we will send you our regular newsletters. If, however, you would like an alternative point of view, please call us for an initial chat.

Welcome to clarity.

Hilton Consulting is a progressive firm of chartered accountants offering tax advice, business consultancy and compliance services.

Every client is unique, but often their requirements are common. We can deal with compliance and where there is a particular problem we can offer a bespoke solution. We know that clients' expectations and requirements vary considerably but however complex or simple your needs, you will find us ready to help with expert advice based on years of experience.

We believe in strong, ongoing client relationships. We take pride in offering a personal touch. Every client's work is directly supervised by our founder, Ben Warren, and he will always be your primary point of contact.

Our objective is for our clients to fulfil their potential and achieve their objectives, whether large or small. We take pride in our ability to understand the issues affecting our clients and have become expert in a variety of sectors. We think you'll notice the difference.