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We believe in transparent and realistic fee structures that offer true value for money.

In the current economic climate clients should take proper steps to ensure that all their costs (including accounting costs) are controlled.

In an age of computerisation and compliance much of the work done for clients is to ensure that they are up to date with filing their accounts, tax returns, P11D's, P35's and many other forms. (Non-filing or careless filing can result in penalties and interest). This means that many services purchased from accountants are standard and there is an expectation that compliance will come within a certain price range.

The days of billing “what is on the time ledger” and clients fearing the arrival of the annual accountants' bill are long gone. Accountants should give a fixed-fee for those areas of work which can be easily costed.


For non compliance matters after initial contact, in most cases, we are pleased to offer fixed-price arrangements so that a client knows where they stand in relation to costs. Other items have set fees, such as company formations, annual company secretarial compliance, P35's.

For other work, where time costs cannot be ascertained, our hourly fee structure is very competitive and are preagreed with clients. The price varies according to the complexity of the work but the principle is to delegate the work down to the lowest competent cost level to provide a cost effective service. That said, we never undervalue our services simply to secure work. Nor do we charge percentages for 'expenses'.

One contentious area of fees relates to tax investigations. To avoid the disproportionate costs that can be incurred and to give some peace of mind to clients, we advise all clients to participate in Hilton's professional fees' insurance scheme.