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We hope that what you have read will give you a sense of who we are, how we do things and why we can make a real difference to you or your business.

To follow is an at-a-glance view of what we do, above and beyond our standard services.


  • In some cases we are pleased to offer initial pro bono advice so that you can get the measure of Hilton.
  • Once you have become a client (apart from dealing with matters as they arise) we will keep you informed through regular updates which contain information that is relevant to you. They are designed to keep you aware of your obligations in relation to changing rules and regulations as well as raising issues which are thought-provoking in relation to the way you can arrange your affairs.
  • Hilton is a general practice. In today's complex world we have access to a wide range of specialist consultants for our clients' benefit. Each is chosen to fit an individual situation if a specialist issue arises.
  • We are aware that many clients do not speak 'accountese'. Our solutions and advice are practical and we will help you to implement them rather than leaving you to wonder what it all means.
  • Our initial concern is that clients are compliant with the ever-changing framework relating to the legal and taxation rules which govern the way a business must be conducted. This is critical in the contemporary environment whereby the authorities seek to penalise and fine for the most insignificant infraction.
  • We are more than happy to provide client references or to arrange for existing clients to speak to prospective clients.

And Finally