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Audit, Accounts, VAT, Book-keeping and Payroll:

Timely and accurate preparation of financial statements.

A robust audit process is vital in order to demonstrate the integrity and accuracy of reported financial information.

There may be a requirement for a statutory audit or for a non-statutory audit.

Statutory audit is designed to provide to users of accounts a level of comfort when reviewing financial information.

Some companies, where an audit is not a legal requirement, still decide to have an audit fora number of reasons these might include:


  • To help identify financial and system issues
  • To give extra reliability in order to make critical information

Companies, in some circumstances, view the preparation of annual accounts as a matter of compliance � the preparation of historic information to fulfil their statutory and fiscal responsibilities.

At Hilton Consulting we see the timely preparation of year-end accounts as the perfect opportunity to engage in a full review of the company's health and take time to undertake whatever tax planning is possible.

We meet with our clients before their year-end so that anything that needs to be put in place is done in good time.

An outsourced finance department can significantly reduce your administrative burden and your IT and finance staff costs. With Hilton Consulting performing your accounting and administrative functions, you will have continuity of service and more time to concentrate on managing your business.

Our specialists work to understand the dynamics of your organisation so that your specific accounting needs are met. We provide management with information vital to the running of the business. We will ensure that you are fully compliant with regulatory requirements and that you meet reporting deadlines. We can also help you prepare an internal financial procedures manual based on best practice and the systems adopted by your organisation.

Our payroll and P11D bureau will help you negotiate a highly complex area of law that has strict penalties for failure to comply. We take care of all the forms and paperwork, organising our schedule to meet your timescales and ensuring that deadlines are met.